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Please contact Dion Gallamore at 360-798-9635 for any quotes on projects requiring stone.

Stone Products
Stone NW has a strong network of stone quarries in every category of material to serve any need. We have a fantastic array of different colors, textures and shapes to choose from. Whether you are a landscape architect or a DIY homeowner we have the stone to cover any project.

Current Projects
We always have projects of all sizes in the works. Come check out where our stone is being installed and what’s new at Stone NW!

Our experience spans over thirty five years of natural stone quarrying, fabricating and supplying. We handle everything from digging the stone out of the quarry to the fabrication of your finished stone products. We also provide referrals for you to the area’s best masonry and landscape contractors or can give you DIY installation tips!

Architects & Designers

StoneNW routinely works with architects and designers to provide Project Management services on a broad range of projects. Our services and abilities range from the quarrying, fabrication and production of the stone to fabricating, delivery and project management.
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Thin Veneer
Natural thin veneer stone is created using high quality, full thickness stone and processed with special diamond bladed saws to cut off the outside layer. This produces veneers with thicknesses of 3/4″ to 1 1/2 inches at an average weight of 10 to 15 lbs/sq.ft. (depending on stone selection).  Our thin veneer allows you to use real stone on your buildings but without the weight of full thickness veneer.

Residential Portfolio

Homeowners and contractors have used our natural stone to build their dream homes and projects.  We have natural stone that can help you achieve any look you desire with applications ranging from fireplaces, water features, patios and steps to walls, rockeries and windowsills! These galleries showcase projects that we are proud to have had a part in.


Fireplaces are a classic centerpiece in dream homes throughout the world, and appeal to humankind’s ancient comfort and sense safety with stone and flame.

Patios & Pathways

Natural patio and step stones come in lots of shapes and colors that will bring an enriching atmosphere to any front or back yard setting.

Outdoor Living

Humankind has always strived to make the outdoors feel like home. The outdoor living revolution of the 21st century is finally making this dream a reality by bringing a new generation of homeowners an experience like never before. We invite you to think outside the box to envision your entire backyard as an extra large living room in which the only ceiling is the sky.


Water has always been a soothing element to humans across time. We love to sit, listen, or even play in their rejuvenating depths.  For the listeners among us who love nothing more than to hear the bubbling of water while they enjoy their outdoor space a bubbler would satisfy their need. To the others a waterfall may bring more of a lively aura to your outdoor living space by giving you the realism of a natural element. Even to create a pond in which you sustain the life of other animals can bring a sense of calm and a nurturing value to your everyday experience.

Walls & Landscapes

A lowly garden wall under appreciated and often overlooked. The stone garden wall is one of the most important elements of any landscaped space. The garden wall is critical to providing structure and style, they define spaces within the garden, the retaining wall provides erosion control and helps to recover flat ground from a sloping site.

Sills, Steps & Special Cuts

We can custom make natural stone pieces to fit your projects or you can choose from our inventory. We fabricate sills, capstones, steps, benches, hearths and mantles.
Product Catalog
Check out all our product lines in one easy to use gallery! Each product includes the full specs and pictures of it applied in various sized applications.
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